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The ever-present New Year's resolution?

Get organized. Stay on track. Pay bills on time. Once more and with great intentions, you head off to the store to hobble together a system. Or maybe the apps lure you in. The hype-cycle is in full effect so you're feeling pretty good. This time will be different. 

A couple of months later, the piles have returned. You can’t find anything. What were you supposed to do again? Aack! Missed the deadline! It's all fallen apart. But you think it’s just you - that you’re the only one failing at life. You're certain you just didn't try hard enough. So you feel ashamed and tear yourself down. The struggle is real.

This failure makes people feel stupid and embarrassed. They conclude that they’re bad with money. It hurts their relationships. But people don’t realize how common it is. Instead, they internalize it and think it’s their own personal problem. It’s just not right.

People work hard and they deserve to feel hopeful and optimistic. Folks simply need to be equipped with great tools. Just being organized immediately makes you more productive. Integrating leading-edge workflow methods gives a more profound lift. Go ahead, knock life out of the ball park for a home run.

We believe in everyday people. That’s why we started Minder.

We simplify the complicated.

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