Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MinderMethod?

The MinderMethod integrates several concepts: containers, a process path and smart tools. Like the Dewey Decimal System, Minder's patent-pending system is stable, which means the structure doesn't change. 

There are four topic areas or modules in the system: Home, People, Pets and Money.  Their specific containers tell you what type of material can be found within them. For example, files are for working materials and binders are for reference materials. 

The Dashboard manages your productivity and incorporates the majority of the smart tools. It includes an inbox and workflow tracking features. It also includes a task management system that addresses your specific workflow.

How is it different?

Minder covers all of life's stuff, not just one topic area. Minder is a hybrid solution of products and software for both your physical world and your digital world. It reflects how stuff actually flows into households, so you don't have to deal with piecemeal or incomplete solutions ever again.

Then, we put our system on steroids. We embed cutting-edge neuroscience and powerful tools to effortlessly elevate your productivity. Containers have embedded guidance - instructions, glossaries, document retention guidelines and SmartTips - to give you what you need, when you need it. Guidance prompts and shapes the material directly in front of you. Our Dashboard acts like your brain so nothing falls through the cracks.

Breathe easy and let Minder prompt and guide you to a strong, collected place.

How do I get started?

We suggest starting with a module kit and a Dashboard to begin leveraging the MinderMethod itself. Kits save you money rather than buying the pieces separately. Or you can choose to focus on your record keeping by purchasing the Keep containers. When you purchase your product it will include instructions on how to get started.

How do I find things in the system?

Minder has a special Process Path that outlines the steps involved with managing your stuff. The path is Sort, Work, and Keep. Each type of container has a specific function and purpose within the path. This simple shift in framework creates a big shift in your ability to know where things are.  

To find things, first figure out the module or topic area. Next, ask "what is it's purpose?" to figure out where it is on the Sort, Work or Keep path and locate it's container. Once you begin working within the containers, you'll notice embedded guidance entitled "This Section Contains". This tells you the range and types of documents that should be contained in that specific section.

Can I try out some freebies?

Sure you can. Here you go!

What are eDocs?

As part of your regular workflow, you'll need to capture your electronic statements and archive them in your computer's folder tree. Retaining your documents and statements electronically allows you to keep only the most current hard copy (if desired) and provides a more complete account history at your fingertips. Need to research an item from the past? No problem as your eDocs ensures that you're not at the mercy of changing access policies, fees and delays from your service providers. Further instructions are embedded in the containers.

I want the Minder software. How do I do that?

Our online solution takes the MinderMethod to a whole new level. It manages your digital stuff and makes access a breeze... anytime, any place. Our software is in closed beta right now, which means that is not released to the public. Sign up below to get updates.

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