What You'll Love

We shift the way you think about your stuff.


You're in charge now!


Running down the hill out of control?

Breathe easy and let Minder prompt and guide you to a strong collected place.

Always find what you're looking for.

In fact, everyone else in the house knows where to find things too. It's like a Dewey Decimal System for your stuff. That makes it unique.

"For me, the most valuable aspect of Minder is how it helps you FIND what you're looking for."  - Susan B

We give you time back.

Getting organized makes you more efficient and effective. Next, we embed cutting-edge neuroscience and productivity tools to effortlessly elevate your workflow.

"Minder has given me a sense of calm and order I've never had before."  - Joan W.

We do the homework for you.

Aren't sure what to do? Minder is infused with glossaries, pro tips and just-in-time guidance. The retention key makes the system self-cleaning so piles are a thing of the past.

"Minder eliminates clutter and the stress that goes along with it."  -Anthony P.

A new kind of security system.

All the things you work so hard for, are working even harder for you. Assets. Employment benefits. Health care. Your hard-earned money.

"My family felt cared for as they saw the way it could help them in an emergency." - Laura W.

Minder adapts to you.

In real life, work-spaces emerge where they need to. Minder is made up of four portable modules that you can separate and move around your home... and wherever you go.