Easily track your finances.

MinderMoney consists of kits for your finances and risk essentials. It manages your budgeting, bookkeeping and providers. Turns out you weren't bad with money after all.

MinderMoney makes it easy to track everything that's important in your financial life:

  • Receipts & statements
  • Insurance policies
  • Assets
  • Credit reports
  • Health insurance
  • Tax returns
  • Financial plans
  • Retirement accounts
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MinderMoney keeps all your info in one place so you easily manage your routine business:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Purchasing & rewards
  • Insurance claims
  • Health care & spending accounts
  • Budgeting
  • Tax preparation
  • Credit monitoring

Scared about what you don't know? We have the guidance that keeps you on track, like:

  • Uh oh, fender bender!
  • Will I be able to retire?
  • Yikes! It's been cancelled??
  • How to track goals
  • Where's my rebate?
  • Oh, nooo... I just lost my job

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