Easily organize your past, present and future.

MinderPeople consists of kits for personal records and estate planning. It manages vital records, health care, education and employment. Bring order home.

MinderPeople makes it easy to track everything that's important about your life, including:

  • Official & vital records
  • Health history
  • Directives and emergencies
  • Health care
  • Ancestry
  • Community involvement
  • Estate planning

MinderPeople keeps all your info in one place so you easily manage life's routine things:

  • Open enrollment
  • Employment certifications
  • Travel plans
  • Community involvement
  • Bucket list
  • School paperwork
  • Military life

The care and feeding of us humans is never-ending:

  • When do I register for that?
  • How do I know if I have that benefit?
  • You need my employment history??
  • Time to leave for the airport, my passport, oh no, where is it??

MinderPeople is coming soon.

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