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Your professional imprint flows throughout the Dwelling Kit with your business card, contact information and company materials. All the closing documents now have a place as well.

Customize the kit by pre-loading the relevant materials for your unique client and their specific home. Bump up the value with special gift cards and coupons. Our FREE Realty Program provides the touch content. Consider it done!

Dwelling Kit 6-pack
$39.15 each kit

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Dwelling Kit 2-pack
$39.15 each kit

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Dwelling Kit

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With Minder, I’m helping my clients to organize and care for their new home, and set the foundation for an ongoing relationship. Everyone wins.
— Cassie Childers Ryle, Childers Sotheby's International Realty

What Is The Realty Program Series?

It's tough out there.

The moment your competitors nail post-sale client care... they have the advantage. 

The agent that solves homeowner stress points wins the business.

Blow them away with your expertise!

Minder deeply knows people's behavior, challenges and needs. When agents use our Dwelling Kit as the foundation for post-sale client care, they get the long-term connection they've always dreamed of.

Become the invaluable advisor clients rely on for home asset management.


Our FREE Realty Program series equips you to organically increase your profits.

Agents can tap into lucrative viral growth because we provide the two essential things:

  • a targeted client support method

  • a potent referral mechanism

And because it all comes down to referrals, easily convert new business through your client's networks.

At signup, we'll give you access to our Resource Vault so you can download:

  • How Real Estate Agents Can Get Viral Growth

  • Viral Growth Cheatsheet

Set yourself apart with super-charged client gifts that keep you front and center long after the deal closes.

Successful closing gifts are ones that commemorate a positive transaction and growing relationship.
— Pamela Liebman, president and CEO of the Corcoran Group