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Get the client connection you've always dreamed of. Become the go-to advisor that helps manage their entire home-ownership experience.

“With Minder, I’m helping my clients to organize and care for their new home, and set the foundation for an ongoing relationship. Everyone wins. ”
— Cassie Childers Ryle, Childers Sotheby’s International Realty


Easily convert new business through existing clients. We'll show you how.

Solve two pain points at the same time... theirs and yours. Plus, you'll get discounted pricing!

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MinderHome products are the foundation to becoming an invaluable long-term advisor. Minder deeply knows people's behavior, challenges and needs. Through our Realty Program, agents can tap into lucrative viral growth because we provide the two essential things:

  • a targeted client support method
  • a potent referral mechanism

Our free Realty Program gives you both. We'll equip you to organically increase your profits. Sign up today!

Set yourself apart with client gifts that keep you front and center long after the deal closes.

What They'll Love

  • Track anything that's important, which is pretty much everything
  • Clients want professionals to help them navigate

Smart Marketing $

  • Spend less than a bottle of good wine
  • Enjoy lasting top-of-mind awareness
  • Dwelling Kit MSRP $48.95

What You'll Love

  • Energize your touches
  • Tap into lucrative viral growth
  • They'll think of you every time they use it
Dwelling Kit
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Successful closing gifts are ones that commemorate a positive transaction and growing relationship.
— Pamela Liebman, president and CEO of the Corcoran Group