Dear Resellers, Service Providers & Professionals,

We provide you with great reasons to stock Minder products. Minder products show your customers that you care about their well-being. Whether you use as a client gift or sell retail, Minder products are unique and support your customer relationship goals. 

Service providers, associations and professionals may purchase at wholesale prices, which is a great way to support your clients and differentiate service. White label options and personalized marketing materials may be available. Contact us to discuss a custom approach that suit your needs.

Interested in selling it in your shop? You can purchase Minder by applying for a wholesale account. Items purchased via wholesale are to be sold only through "Brick N' Mortar" retail stores and company websites. Minder does not have a drop ship program for retailers. Additional restrictions may apply.

Do you have questions? Let us know... we'd love to talk.